Frequently Asked Questions

ABSOLUTELY! Coffee is essentially classified into two main species; the lower quality and low altitude growing, coffee Robusta and the superior naturally high altitude growing coffee Arabica. Arabica trees have a long reputation of producing the worlds greatest and most robust  varieties. For us at GTCC, there was no need to search “high and low” for the best and most flavorsome coffee beans. We went straight to the top to bring you the brightest, richest, and boldest varieties we could find!

Approximately 22 cups

Currently we only ship domestically within the 48 connecting states. We look forward to expanding to Canada and overseas very soon!

Email a photo and short description of the broken item to WITHIN 48 HOURS UPON RECEIPT. We are happy to resend you the EXACT item, or one comparable if the EXACT item is out of stock, free of charge.


You should have received a tracking number upon purchase. Please log onto to  track the status of your order. If significant time has passed and you are having a hard time  receiving an update, please email us at so that we may be of assistance.

Nitrogen Flushing is a completely safe method used to preserve and protect food items during shipping and/or storage. Our ground coffees are all Flushed with food grade Nitrogen in order to keep oxygen out of the bag that would affect the quality and flavors of our products, ensuring that your product will remain fresh for months.  

Coffee should be stored in cool, dry places and in air tight containers to assist in preserving its freshness.

We ship daily Monday-Friday. WE DO NOT SHIP ON WEEKENDS. Items ordered before 2pm Monday-Friday will go out the same day. Items ordered after 2pm will go out the following business day.

Grind Time Coffee Co. is black and female owned.

We would love to! Please email to get started!